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Why Choose the Interview Crash Course?
  • This rapid-fire learning environment will boost your confidence, hone your interview skills, and make you a contender for your dream CRNA school.
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Lightning Speed Prep!
This accelerated course is the express train to your CRNA School acceptance. It includes:
  • 5-Day Interview Prep Challenge: In just five days, we'll push your critical care knowledge and self-awareness skills to the limit with a variety of learning modules, preparing you to nail that interview and impress your potential CRNA Faculty. Fast, effective, and intense, these sessions will transform you into the perfect candidate (normally offered inside CSPA or separately for $197.99)
  • Clinical Interview Questions & Answers Guide: Don't waste time hunting for relevant questions and their answers. Our PDF study guide will be your compass, directing you to the most frequently asked clinical questions in CRNA interviews, complete with thorough answers (normally $27.00)
  • Mock Interview Bundle Pack: As they say, some of the best lessons are caught not taught. Learn from others' great responses and mistakes. These 3 mock interview replays will show you different interview techniques, common mistakes, and stellar responses. A fantastic opportunity to see theory in action and pick up tips for your interview (normally offered inside CSPA or separately for $97.99)
  • BONUS Over 200 CRNA Interview Practice Questions: Practice rapidly with over 200 additional CRNA interview questions. We've compiled a diverse set of questions so you can run through them quickly, gaining maximum knowledge in minimum time (normally only offered inside CSPA)
We've bundled all of these offers together to give you the opportunity to snag ALL FIVE resources for only $247 and get prepped for your CRNA program interview FAST.