CRNA Guarantee Program
What if we told you that we want to guarantee you acceptance to a CRNA program?
Because we do. 
That's right, CRNA School Prep Academy has a 12-month program in 2023 that will walk WITH you through the process of preparing to be the best applicant possible, applying, and interviewing to get you that acceptance letter you've been dreaming of receiving.
Here's a few facts you can expect:
  • The program will be 12 months from start to finish
  • Applications open for 7 days the last week of every month 
  • Due to the limited spots, you will have to apply and we will be unable to accept everyone who applies
  • This program will require about 2-3 hours of your time per week
  • CRNA Program acceptance is GUARANTEED for students who complete this program. There will be specific requirements you must complete throughout the CRNA Guarantee program, but in its most simple terms: you get accepted to CRNA School, or you get your money back
The waitlist is open! Submit your details below to be the first to know when more information about the CRNA Guarantee Program is released!
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