You might not know this, but it's equally important to document your CRNA shadowing experience as it is to get the experience!
"I don't think my school will require it..."
"I'm years years away from applying to school...
You should still document your experience and here is why...
  • You will gain more value out of the experience if you actively reflect upon it.
    You will be able to recall this experience better and more effectively down the road if you take the time to absorb it.
    Each time you shadow you can build on this foundation.
    This will communicate to a CRNA Program that you have a thorough understanding of what it is like to be a CRNA..
    This reflects positively back on you as a CRNA school candidate in the admission process.
  • It displays persistence to the CRNA admissions committee.
    It shows your initiative and desire to learn as much as you can prior to picking this career path.
  • You may be thinking, "how do I know what to document?"
    We got you covered!
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