Take the first step you need to explore, understand and start on your CRNA Journey with CRNA School Prep Academy's
Virtual CRNA Simulation Experience
Introducing the Virtual CRNA Simulation Experience
One thing you can count on being asked when applying and interviewing for a CRNA program is:

"Why CRNA?"

CRNA Schools want passionate, informed, and prepared applicants.

The Interview Panel will hear the answers of several dozens of applicants...

...will your answer STANDOUT?

The better you understand our role the better you can articulate your WHY.

CRNA Schools will get plenty of applications from great students and nurses.

What helps applicants stand out is their understanding and passion for the CRNA role.

CRNA programs aren't just looking for people who meet their program's rigorous standards, but candidates who will become passionate representatives and advocates of the CRNA profession.

You are going to be one of those candidates.

You'll do this by having a deep understanding of the CRNA role.

The CRNA School's Interview Panel will feel it when they read your essay. They'll see it, and hear it during your interview.

Starting your CRNA journey with an understanding of what it means to be a CRNA will set the foundation for your success.

The VIRTUAL CRNA SIMULATION EXPERIENCE will help you lay that foundation.

You've heard about the CRNA role before,
but making the decision to take your nursing career to the next level is HUGE and you have questions. 
How do I know CRNA is for me?
What is it like being a CRNA?
Will I just sit around after administering anesthesia?
What exactly is the CRNA's responsibility in the operating room?
How much patient interaction is there?
What drugs to they use and why?
Knowing the answers to those questions is vital to becoming a stand out candidate and your long term success.
But don't worry...
That's because...


That starts with learning what a CRNA does through a shadowing experience.


One that boosts your resume, readies you for the CRNA School interview, and prepares you for clinicals.

If you're dreaming of becoming a CRNA, you've imagined yourself in the role –
you've felt the goosebumps.
No, not just from the thought of having a steady schedule, better hours, and higher pay.

Rather, it's because you truly understand the role of a CRNA and KNOW this career is for you.

You understand it because you've simulated a pre-op assessment - connecting with the patient and assuring them that you'll be keeping them comfortable, pain-free – calming their nerves.

You've imaged yourself at the head of the bed – being the face of comfort that the patient sees when they drift off to sleep.

You've visualized keeping an eye on the vitals, communicating with the surgeon & the rest of the surgical team.

You even have a basic understanding of general anesthesia.
Here's why:
You've done more than just shadow...
What makes the Virtual CRNA Simulation Experience the only resource you'll need to start your CRNA journey?
  • CRNA Program faculty taught course material that will accelerate your understanding of what a CRNA does (and beyond!)
    • Including Room Setup, Pre-Op, Induction, Maintenance, Emergence, and Post-Op.
  • Real O.R. Scavenger hunt so when you get your first in-person experience you'll know your way around the operating room (or at least know what to look for).  
  • Maximize your in-person shadowing experiences and impress the CRNAs with a list of questions to ask them.
  • A post shadow thank you template
  • Learn about proper operating room etiquette and preparation for in-person shadowing.
  • Lifetime access to these courses for review before AND during your time as a student (or prior to your clinical rotation) to stay fresh and confident
Our shadow simulation experience includes 7 current nurse anesthesia residents acting out a general anesthetic for 30 minutes along with 90 minutes of educational instruction.
Don't waste your limited time watching YouTube all day and reading blogs that only give you a common understanding of what it is like to be a CRNA.
The Virtual CRNA Simulation Experience was designed to check all of these boxes and more... FOR YOU. It is THE missing piece you need to accelerate your success from day one.
You are exploring this career path for a reason! You have a dream of being a CRNA!
You deserve to feel confident & empowered as you embark on your journey of becoming a stand-out CRNA School applicant.
That starts with an impressive understanding of the CRNA role.